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VIC $25,000 State Champs


To qualify for the $25,000 Victorian State Champs simply achieve one of the below in the calendar month prior to the State Champs (the “qualifying month”);

  • Play eight (8) live games in the qualifying month at a combination of 888PL, APL or Pub Poker Events;
  • Win any 888PL, APL or Pub Poker Event in the qualifying month;
  • Come Second in any Live 888PL, APL event over 40 players in the qualifying month;
  • Come Third in any Live 888PL, APL event over 80 players in the qualifying month;
  • Come Fourth in any Live 888PL, APL event over 120 players in the qualifying month;
  • Play at least one Live event in the qualifying month and pay $100 on the day
  • Any new player who registers within the qualifying month will now automatically qualify for the $25,000 State Champs.

The Start Stack is T10,000 in chips and there will be one (1) optional Rebuy or Add-on for T25,000 in chips for $25.


SUN 20 MAY - Club Italia, Sunshine (FB event)

Qualifiers List for Sunday 20th May

Rego from 9am, Start 11am
LATE REGO til 12noon

* Blinds Structure listed below 


SUN 17 JUNE - Tabcorp Park Melton (FB event)
SUN 22 JULY - Tabcorp Park Melton (FB event)
SUN 12 AUGUST - Veneto Club Bulleen (FB event)
SUN 23 SEPTEMBER - Veneto Club Bulleen (FB event)


$20 Rebuy for "      The APL Million"

$20 Entry, T5,000 starting stack, unlimited rebuys until the break with a single (T10,000), double, triple or quintuple add-on available on the break.

For every $2,000 in the prize pool, an APL Million package consisting of a APL Million seat and $500 CASH will be generated. The remainder of the prize pool will be awarded as cash if under $1,500 or an APL Million seat and cash if over $1,500 but less than $2,000.

REGO from 3:30pm 
LATE ENTRY until the end of the first break

$50 Novelty Event
REGO from 6pm 
START TIME 6:30pm 
LATE ENTRY until the end of the first break

$2 Per Player
Of course, this all has to be funded and as many other States, Victoria has a semi player-funded finals model.  All cash buy-in and freeroll rebuy events will be $2 more than previously. The $2 will go towards the prize pool and nothing else. For Free events, the player will be given an option to double their stack with their last (or only) passport for $2.  This money does not go into the prize pool, but comes to Full House Group to manage and distribute and pay out in prizes to players. This will not cover the entire prize pool for these events, so Full House Group will continue to contribute to prize pools in 2017 to make 888PL, APL and Pub Poker the best Poker Leagues in Victoria and Australia as a whole!

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1 1,332.00
2 1,227.00
3 1,173.00
4 1,103.00
5 1,094.00
6 1,083.00
7 1,082.00
8 1,066.00
9 1,058.50
10 1,047.00
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