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NSW GTD$50,000 Pro Open


Saturday 15 September 2018 - Rooty Hill RSL , 55 Sherbrooke St, Rooty Hill



Saturday 27th October, 2018 - Wests Mayfield, 32 Industrial Drive, Mayfield

Saturday 17th November, 2018 - Smithfield RSL, Cnr Cumberland Highway & Neville Street, Smithfield

Saturday 22nd December, 2018 - Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, 20-26 Canterbury Rd, Hurlstone Park


Registration Opens - 10.00am / Start - 11.00am with 2 hours late registration


We have reimagined the iconic NSW PRO OPEN and created AUSTRALIAS LARGEST MONTHLY CASH PRIZE POOL with the new NSW GTD$50,000 PRO OPEN.  It looks completely different and has been designed to give you, the player, the best poker experiance possible with a huge prizepool, relaxed blinds in a single-flight event with a generous starting stack. We have changed to Pro Open to a Saturday and are starting an hour earlier than previously to allow for the longer days play.

For more info check out the FAQ's at the bottom of the page.



  • GTD$50,000 CASH prize pool 
  • Top-up of $50 (T30,000) at registration
  • Buy-in $55 (buy-in no longer includes the top-up) - T25,000 start stack
  • $50,000 ALL CASH - GTD$15,000 first prize!
  • One-flight event (rolling breaks for players through the day)
  • 20 minute relaxed blinds



  • Qualification transfers permitted for 3+ qualifications – not for first two
  • A players second qualification gets them their top-up
  • Qualification is now (Pro-Series games only):
    • <40 players – winner qualifies
    • 40-79 players – winner and second qualify
    • 80+ players – winner, second and third qualify



  • Tickets can be purchased at registration on the day until the close of late registration at 1.00pm.
  • Tickets can also be purchased prior to the event online at www.pokertickets.com.au



Time                SB                BB  
20 Min 100 100  
20 Min 100 200  
20 Min 200 400  
20 Min 300 600  
20 Min 400 800  
20 Min 500 1000    BREAK       40 MIN
20 Min 600 1200
20 Min 700 1400  
20 Min 1000 2000  
20 Min 1200 2400  
20 Min 1500 3000  
20 Min 2000 4000     BREAK
20 Min 2500 5000  
20 Min 3000 6000  
20 Min 4000 8000  
20 Min 5000 10000  
20 Min 7000 14000  
20 Min 10000 20000  BREAK     40 MIN
20 Min 12000 24000
20 Min 15000 30000  
20 Min 20000 40000  
20 Min 25000 50000  
20 Min 30000 60000  
  BREAK - 20 MIN  
20 Min 40000 80000  
20 Min 50000 100000  
20 Min 75000 150000  
20 Min 100000 200000  
20 Min 150000 300000  
20 Min 200000 400000  
  BREAK - 10 MIN  
20 Min 250000 500000  
20 Min 300000 600000  
20 Min 400000 800000  
20 Min 500000 1000000  

Rolling breaks will run throughout the day

Note: Blind structure is subject to change.



  • Pays top 72 placings
  • First place price of $15,000 CASH
  • Minimum CASH of $200
  • Note: Structure is subject to change and will also alter if the prize pool exceeds $50,000 on the day.






































Why has the day changed?

We changed the day to allow time for the relaxed blinds of the single-flight structure which will make for a longer days play.  We are also starting play one hour earlier at 11.00am.

What if I can’t make it to the event, can I transfer my qualification?

No, just like the old Pro Open you can’t transfer your qualification.  However, while your first and second qualifications are used for the buy-in and the top-up, you can transfer any additional qualifications.

Why did you take away the tickets to the APL Million?

We have just moved the APL Million tickets, now 10 every month, to the prize pool of the monthly NSW GTD$30,000 State Champs.  The NSW GTD$50,000 Pro Open prize pool is 100% CASH.  If the prize pool exceeds $50,000 this will also be paid out in CASH.  Full details of the prize pool can be found at www.playAPL.com.

Are there still second-chance tickets given away at these events?

No, we have removed the second-chance tickets from the prize pool.  You must either win your way in, or buy-in to the event on the day.

1st and 2nd used to get entry at Pro-Series games, why not now?

Every qualification to the Pro Open means $50 is added to the prize pool on the day.  This needs to come from each nightly prize pool and in most cases it is too much to take more than $50 from a pool.

If I don’t win a qualification how much does it cost to buy-in?

Buy-in is $55 on the day at registration for a start stack of T25,000, with optional top-up that must be purchased at the same time.  The top up is $50 for an additional T30,000.  Maximum stack is T55,000.

Can I transfer my qualification to another month if I can’t play this month?

No, any qualification that you win at a nightly game must be used for the event in the coming month (e.g. qualifications in August must be used as entry to the Pro Open event in September).  Some regions may give out transferable entries from time to time.  These can be used up until the date indicated on the ticket.

Do I have to purchase a top-up to play?

No you don’t, however it is likely that the majority of the field will choose to add to their stack by purchasing the top-up at the time of registration.  It is important to understand you only have the one opportunity to do this at registration.  You can’t change your mind after the game has commenced to decide to purchase your top-up.

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