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APL Grand Slam

SA APL Grand Slam

4th August 2019
Finsbury Hotel - 49 Hanson Rd, Woodville North SA 5012

Grand Slam Qualifiers List


The South Australian APL Grand Slam is here! With a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 it's going to be epic!
The $50,000 start stack and relaxed blind structure mean that this is an event not to missed!
Sunday November 3rd 2019 -Finsbury Hotel, Woodville North
Rego: 10:30am
Start: 11:30am
*1 hour late registration available
The Grand Slam is a qualifier only tournament with entry limited to the Grand Slam qualifying venues leaderboard. These venues are part of ALH Group.
The top 15 on each of the nightly leaderboards qualify through.

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Place Name Points
1 1,503.00
2 1,412.00
3 1,274.00
4 1,243.00
5 1,115.00
6 1,107.00
7 1,099.00
8 1,063.00
9 1,043.00
10 1,034.00
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