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Event Details: Wests Mayfield,  Sat 22 Apr 2017 12:00 PM

Event Name: $10,000 Best of the Best - Season 1
Event Date: Sat 22 Apr 2017
Event Registration Time: 11:00
Event Start Time: 12:00
Player Entry Fee: Free
Venue: Wests Mayfield
Address: 32 Industrial Drive 
Suburb: Mayfield
Region: Newcastle
State: New South Wales
Post Code: 2304
Phone: 02 4903 6100
Fax: 02 4903 6160

Description:    The ‘best-of-the-best’ battle it out on the felt at the conclusion of every season for a massive $10,000 prize pool! Only the elite venue leaderboard winners at the end of the season will gain entry into this prestigious event! STRUCTURE: The Best-of-the-Best event is run as a single-flight tournament with a T30,000 start-stack. This is a freeze-out event with no re-buys or add-ons. QUALIFICATION PROCESS: There are only three ways to qualify for this event: top any nightly event leaderboard at the conclusion of the season top the venue leaderboard, where there is more than one event run at that venue each week top your region leaderboard PRIZE POOL: This event will offer a GTD $10,000 prize pool. Winner receives $3000 cash $7000 cash split amongst players in 2nd to 16th positions. NOTE: From January 1 2017 the NSW BOTB no longer awards cash for 'Most Games' and 'Most Points'. The $2,000 'Venue Prize' has also been removed from the prize pool.

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Place Name Points
1 1,145.00
2 1,145.00
3 1,094.00
4 1,083.00
5 1,062.00
6 1,058.50
7 1,011.00
8 996.00
9 971.00
10 969.00
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