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Event Details: Club Italia Sporting Club,  Thu 2 Aug 2018 7:30 PM

Event Name: $55 FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH at Club Italia
Event Date: Thu 2 Aug 2018
Event Registration Time: 18:30
Event Start Time: 19:30
Player Entry Fee: $25
Venue: Club Italia Sporting Club
Address: 128-152 Furlong Road 
Suburb: North Sunshine
Region: Metro Inner
State: Victoria
Post Code: 3021
Phone: (03) 9367-4187

Description:    This is a APL Million Leaderboard Championship $55 FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH Buyin Event!!

$50 into the prize pool for the night, $3 into the Leaderboard Championship prize pool, and $2 into the Victorian Finals Prize Pool.

The Leaderboard Championship prize pool will be used to give the Venue Champion for Season 2 (Thursday nights from 1 April to 30 June) a seat into the APL Million 2019 and up to $500 cash. All monies over $2000 but less than $3000 will be given to the Runner-Up. If the prize pool exceeds $3000, both the Champion and the Runner-Up receive an APL Million 2019 seat.

$2 goes into the VIC State Prizepool to help fund the $25,000 Minimum State Champs each month and the Quarterly $15,000 Best of the Best, as well as other events/promotions throughout the year.
To find out more, ask your TD.

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